ADD, my old friend.

27 Jun

It goes without saying that ADD can be confusing.

Not just for the person suffering from it, but for everyone dealing with that person.

And since I have posted blogs with over a half dozen subjects in just one post, we’re talking about the fact that I have never responded to Ritalin.

That is why I spend the amount of time in Starbucks that I do, self medicating my ADD with caffeine.

Brings a lot of things into focus, doesn’t it?

I sat down for a five minute period this morning and pondered blog subjects.

I ended up with a pretty odd scattering of topics.

And here is what I came up with:

  • Joe Biden is senile. I am not making a political point here, I am making an observation based on the crap that crazy old man spouts on a daily basis. The only thing missing is that elderly head shake, but I am sure that is just around the corner. Any day now. The one thing I want to see is him relieved of office before the headlines read “Vice President has fallen, and he can’t get up.” Clap on, clap off, the Clapper.
  • There is a commercial for the special Olympics that has a guy shooting a compound bow with his feet. Now that is a an accomplishment. I once tried to brush my teeth with my foot, mainly because I saw a woman on TV do it, and I could not hold the brush with my toes. All I ended up with was losing a half hour of time, got toothpaste on my shirt and a cramp in my foot.
  • Does it really matter if a homeless guy says please? There is a new homeless guy hanging around the Starbucks these days. He will ask for change and if the passers by don’t respond, he leans forward, and throws out a “Please?!?!” in kind of a high pitched, plaintive wail. In my opinion, it is not going to get him anything other than chased away when he freaks out some well monied old resident with some pull at the Manhattan PD. I have been known to take the homeless for bagels and coffee, but I don’t do annoying, I just don’t have the tolerance for it.
  • I read a thing on Facebook today about a guy who was busted for interfering with a DUI arrest. I clicked on the offered link and was taken to a website presentation that actually had video. It was grainy and poor quality, but you could make it out. When the video came to the part where the officer claimed the guy spit in his face and he wiped it, they slowed it down. The guys arm was in the way of seeing his mouth, and the officer was turned half away. Bottom line the guy could have spit and the officer could have wiped. And yet, the comments were interesting. The comments from people who stated that ALL policemen lie, are taught to lie and do it as part of their job, they all admitted that they had criminal records. I have a relative that is a Drug and alcohol counselor. It is a commonly held belief that the police lie and plant drugs on people every day. And they all disagree and call the counselor a liar when the statement is made that they have never even been ticketed in their life. I think if you put yourself in that kind of life style, you form the opinion that allows you to think of yourself as a good person. YOU aren’t breaking the law, the cops are the bad guys. Whatever gets you thru the night. There are some cops out there that do bad stuff, and there is also people out there that break the law and lie thru their teeth.
  • If they remade the musical Oliver today, the artful dodger would be an underaged male prostitute. And he wouldn’t be English, although, a lot of underaged male prostitutes are. I once saw a version of Oliver that had the dodger played by the same annoying kid from HR Puffinstuff. I have hated both that show and that actor for decades.
  • What exactly do sand crabs do besides tunnel up and tunnel back down thru the sand as the water rushes in and out? It seems like a pretty useless example of life. At no point in their short lives do they cocoon up and turn into something else. Its pretty much the same activity from birth till death with no let up. Even coal miners get the weekend off.

Do you see what I mean about scattered?


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11 responses to “ADD, my old friend.

  1. Yvonne

    June 27, 2012 at 8:51 am

    My brains constantly scattered I medicate with the proper smokeable (moderation) a few cocktail responsibly (of course) , in the evenings… But I always know where I’ve left my scattered brain 90% of the time anyway!
    COPS do lie… I was recently yanked out of back of my pickup truck, handcuffed, no field sobriety test, no Miranda rights, had the bac machine tube shoved down my throat, had to cough it up to blow, cop would not give me my results, just threw me in his cruiser and carted me off to LBPD, jail hell! Sat in court all day Monday, was supposed to be delivering my magazine route, but instead i was shackled to 3 other ladies.. a 70ish yr. old lady that tripped and fell in the crosswalk across the street from her pad, she was put in jail for d.i.p. as was I. inmate 2 was a prostitute, #3 Briggs, she was a girl dressed like a guy, don’t know what she was in for… but 4 days after being released from Lynwood…(HELL ON EARTH) woman’s correctional facility…( I swear that Paris & Lindsay, had not experienced the same fate I did, guaranteed!) I returned to my truck at 10PM, to find it had been moved closer to where farmers market is held… in front console my full melted flat drink sat, in my cooler floating was over 3/4 bottle of vodka left and only a splash of orange juice missing from the jar. I was arrested for Loitering and D.I.P.? Because some old busy body vendor at Farmers Market, filed a FALSE police report on me 9:00 AM that sunday morning…. what part of being yanked from my pickup at 3:30ish meant I had been loitering or drinking near the Market, when I had parked my vehicle at least a football field and a half away? I only had 2 cocktails, my third was set in the front console as i was in back folding up putting away laundry, THE LB PD so broke need to arrest peeps under false pretencis, then public defender sits there and threatens you to plea guilty, not to file a claim against LBPD, cuz, they know your vehicle, if they see you or your vehicle that they will make your life a living you’d better just take the guilty plea and your 3 years summary probation! Then a few days later, i figured it out when I read they were downsizing the LONG BEACH COURThouse employees! WHAT A F’N cop out! Any ONE KNOW A GREAT CIVIL LAWYER, who’d like to file this report against the lil ole busy body that complained against me, & LBPD for violating my civil rights. Defamation of Character, mental and emotional anguish, compensation for my dog being thrown in the animal shelter..,loss of wages, cuz was sitting in court, I can’t go to Farmers market in Los Alamitos and set up my tye dye booth anymore.. When I’m done with this old buzy body lady, the only thing she will have left is her F’N CANE AND HER BOTTLE OF PROZAC, she must’ve forgotten to take that morning! It began with the cig i was smoking.. she asked me to put it out, which i respectfully immediately did with an apology….but 5 minutes went by she was still telling me why she can’t handle smoke…! she tried to help me set up my friends canopy (he broke his arm) 2 legs of canopy in parking lot, 2 on sidewalk.. she was trying to tell me how to do it! I told her look lady Im a grown woman! I don’t appreciate being treated like a child! I know what the F I am doing! Quit telling me what to do cuz the next person who does is going to get decked! She told me to move my vehicle, so other vendors could use my spot to unload their set up! Man busy body lady,
    CANT wait to lawyer up and supeona her! Bitch sent me to JAIL.. over a CIGARETTE, i only had take 3 hits off!
    Who knows a good Civil Lawyer? Please rsvp.! thanks!

    • Yvonne

      June 27, 2012 at 8:55 am


      • Bittermac

        June 27, 2012 at 10:21 am

        The release of Windows 95 screwed up everyones year.

    • Bittermac

      June 27, 2012 at 10:20 am

      This is an easily solved case. Dashboard cam will show the improprieties and you can get the case expunged. It will also pick up anything he said or didn’t say within a reasonable distance. Open and shut case, go get em!

      • LaVicki

        June 27, 2012 at 3:07 pm

        So ignorant – deserved – I wont go there bittermac… sorry

      • Bittermac

        June 27, 2012 at 9:25 pm

        Sounds like you have an opinion on this subject.

      • LaVicki

        June 27, 2012 at 3:27 pm

        the ignorant was a reply to entire thread not you…this one is for you bittermac

        REALLY? go get em? Don’t encourage ignorance…. “you go get em girl”…

        let’s see – this genius who knows the state and federal law ( that reminds me… when did you graduate from law school Yvonne??) knows what defamation of character (blah blah blah) etc. means…… YOU HAD THE ALCOHOL IN YOUR CAR.. YOU WERE DRINKING IN PUBLIC.. how were you going to get home… walk?

        The police are out there to protect ME and YOU from stupid people LIKE YOU who drink and drive… I believe about 5% of what you said MAY be possible kinda a little bit true….

        Are you a drunk? I mean… you just said you had 2 drinks… and had a third IN YOUR CAR… what the heck? How is that legal or even morally acceptable ANYWHERE???

        I bet you smoke pot “Legally” – that would be FEDERALLY legal.. not legal in your STATE

        Don’t get me started… but here is my standard answer to idiots like yourself.

        Dear (insert your name here- I’ll do it for you) YVONNE

        Thank you for making your HATRED of all police public…..that is VERY impressive and is widely appreciated!

        Please stand behind your words as you explained what they did to you and especially the part about the public defender telling you they are going to continue to HUNT YOU DOWN AND HARASS YOU….. because – that is movie like shit…. and REALLY BAD… RIGHT!?

        So, with that said, and the horrific consequences the police have put upon you… the next time you need emergency help DO NOT CALL THEM TO COME STAND IN FRONT OF A BULLET FOR YOU.

        Thank you for now releasing the entire police community from servicing you – one less person they have sworn to die for(ie protect)…. and THEY will go home to their own families at the end of their shift.

        I applaud you in advance for standing behind your words!

        (which of course you will NOT do… because you are a hypocrite – possible drunk – possible illicit drug user – probable recurring drunk driver – and over all dirt bag)

        Thank you LA VICKI

        OH YEAH… here is your RSVP as you requested (whatever that means) to a layer…. dial 1-800 NO BODY CARES!

      • Bittermac

        June 27, 2012 at 9:25 pm

        Don’t sugar coat it, how do you really feel?

      • LaVicki

        June 28, 2012 at 11:49 am

        at least I know my hubby and son will have one less person that they have to protect which gives the odds of them being injured or shot or worse a little bit better on their side… keep em coming idiots…. you just make it a better or people like ME!

  2. Tranny Hooker

    June 28, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    BitterMac, thank you for that visual of you unsuccessfully trying to brush your teeth with your FOOT!! I can honestly say that I’m not surprised you would try such a crazy little stunt, “just because.” You are one charming MoFo! This is why I love you!! 🙂

    • Bittermac

      July 9, 2012 at 12:32 pm

      The truly sad part was the foot cramp. I just laid on the floor for an hour like a beached whale.


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