The lifetime wingman.

26 Jun

There is something about old friends.

And I don’t mean the kind of old friend that you had a few classes with.

I mean the guy who held your head out of the toilet while you puked and lied to your mom for you.

As the saying goes, a friend will help you move, this kind of friend will help you move a body

You name kids after this kind of friend.

We all clear on this?

Anyway, I ran into an old friend today.

Its been over a decade since we last spoke.

Didn’t make a difference.

This was my best friend for one of the best periods of my life.

Goddam nice to see him.

He went from being the goofy funny kid that he was to being a goofy, funny family man with a nice life going on.

Good job.

Moving on.

Friendship is an odd thing.

Kind of a life puzzle that you are expected to solve before you die.

Seems like the kids today don’t understand the concept anymore.

I read a news report about a kid in Chicago who had been robbed and stabbed over his new Nikes.

The kid that robbed him he had been friends with since kindergarten.

Even if they weren’t the best of friends, if you didn’t stab him in the previous decade, it’s confusing why you would do it now.

Bad form.

I know someone who had asked her best friend to be her brides maid for her wedding.

The friend goofed off for a month before stepping out, and telling her she would not only not be her brides maid, but not be coming to her wedding.

She did this by email.

And this is a best friend?

I played a quick question and answer with the bride, and found out that

she had only known the girl a few years.

I don’t care how close you get in a year or two, a best friend doesn’t happen that fast.

Like fine wine, or cheap wine for that matter, friendship ages well.

If it survives the test of time, its a keeper.

Facebook throws a different spin on the whole friends thing.

I am more in touch with people I went to grade school and high school than when I was IN school.

And the basic philosophy is this:

I haven’t killed them in the last two decades, so we MUST be friends.

Warped but true.

One of them, I cracked over the head with a Corona bottle (They are unbreakable).

However, he is a solid family man who appears to be good to his kids.

We are friends now.

Odd how that works.

There is a long list of criteria that you should use when you coonsider how  good a friend someone is.

But it kind of boils down to this.

When you imagine dealing with something really cool in life, or something really terrible, and you imagine who you would like at your back, they are one of the first people you think of.

Good to see you, buddy.

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