Take a bow, monkey.

25 Jun

Money makes the monkey dance.

That is possibly the coolest phrase I have ever heard of.

Mainly because that is what the Mayor of Cudahy, California said to an FBI informant.

Turns out he was taking bribes for permits to open Kush Clinics.

Why, because its big business, but nobody wants that clientel in their neighborhood.

Because the homeless smell better.

Back to the mayor and his awesome speaking skills.

He’s got my vote.

Speak into the microphone please.

That is old school graft.

It conjures up images of smoke filled rooms and big cigars.

Hookers and fixed elections.

As opposed to the modern version of vile politics we have now.

Makes me feel nostalgic.

It is such an interesting phrase, and could be used so many different ways.

The easiest one to see is the racist one.

But that lacks imagination.

And really, if you are going to go that far, at least make it a little more clever.

Google makes no mention of Organ grinders or their hairy cabaret.

I can see it now.

That cloying, grating organ grinder spewing out that innocuous old world

muzak, and the monkey on a leash, complete with a little red fez hat and a blue vest.

I would pony up a buck in a heartbeat, you CANNOT find entertainment like that nowadays.

It could be a line from a song on Sesame Street.

Not sung by Elmo.

That kid has yet to pay his dues, in my book.

I see it as a vehicle for Kermit.

Or possible a duet with the Count and Oscar the Grouch.

On a side note, does anyone else wonder if Grover was sleeping with the chickens?

Just me? Ok then.

I often wondered if Oscar the Grouch was his undeclared father, who had fallen on hard times.

Yes, one is blue, the other green, but there is a strong resemblance.

A quick Google search claims that that phrase is the title of a famous Nil Lara song.

I have never heard of Nil Lara, so I took a quick trip over to Youtube.

It’s shit.

And if you are a big Nil Lara fan, what the hell’s wrong with you?

Pretentious coffee house bullshit.

And while I have never said it before, I have made this plain.

I am IN the coffee house, I am not OF the coffee house.

(I once heard a born again guy say that about the world, and I have always found it amusing.)

Google is no help on the origin of the phrase.

Its either the Mayor of Cudahy or Nil Lara on first page of the search.

Except for one entry.

It seems that someone thought it was important to note that there is no phrase in the Czech republic that means the same thing.

On a side note, I hope the Mayor gets raped in prison.

And it would be ironic if it was by Nil Lara.

Why would Nil be in jail you ask?

For murdering music, as we know it.

(How did you not see that one coming?)



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