Our first anniversary together.

21 Jun

I’m getting all teary eyed.

One year ago, I started writing this blog.

That was 240 posts ago, just in case you are keeping count.

Add them all together and its the same word count as one of those thick romance novels.

It all started when I succumbed to a taunt from a friend on Facebook and began writing down the funky goings on at my morning haunt, Starbucks.

The first blog was about a complete asshole who was both hitting on a woman while at the same time detailing his crappy FU plan of attack on his soon to be ex wife and kids on the phone with his lawyer.

Take a peek at that one here:

While I loved that post, the whole reason I started the blog was to share the vile relationship of the Evil Couple with the world.

I didn’t get to them  for another 5 days.

I had been posting on FB for awhile about the most dysfunctional real couple on the planet.

I named them Evil Couple, and yes, I was a little obsessed with them.

Here’s why:

Looking back, I have written thousands of words about them.

I love them still.

There was a post that, at first, I considered a throw away.

And then it went viral, several thousand hits in just a view hours.

And it kept going, several days in a row, and every now and then.

It was about teenage girl who had already had 2 kids by her also teenage boyfriend.

It is to date the most viewed blog I have ever written.

The tale of A girl named Maria:

This post also led to my receiving the first batch of serious hate emails. (The kids happened to be hispanic, which I mentioned because they were.)

The second most viewed blog ever took its title from a Facebook status update that I was going to make fun of, but ended up trying to answer.

What is the difference between love and lust?

I think of these blogs as the ones that, if you only read a few of them, read these, they are the primer for

I originally started the blog for the dual reason that the Evil couple needed to be shared with the world, and that I wanted a platform to promote some novels I have written.

I now have a few novels coming out soon that will be blog collections from the last year.

Talk about weird shit taking a turn.

In the last year, I have offended more than a few people, forced several to spew coffee out of their noses, and made many more laugh out loud.

Good enough.

And along the way, I have written some of the finest stuff I have ever written.

If you like the blog, if you hate the blog, just read the damn thing and leave a comment.

It has been a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for the months to come.

Bite me.

Hugs and kisses,



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4 responses to “Our first anniversary together.

  1. Diane mcKinley

    June 21, 2012 at 6:35 am

    You. Are the Best Will I look forward To a good read
    And in most cases a good laugh every morning. I am never left wanting.

    • Bittermac

      June 21, 2012 at 8:12 am

      In most cases, I thank you.

  2. derek salkeld

    June 21, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    love the blogs willy wow. its been a year keep them coming my day
    allways gets better when i can get a laugh

    • Bittermac

      June 21, 2012 at 12:57 pm

      Thank you, I appreciate the praise. I SO deserve it.


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