14 Jun

I had a little writers block recently.

And when you write a daily humor blog, thats a bad thing.

I happened to be texting with a friend of mine and mentioned it.

She immediately slipped into “Fountain of ideas” mode, and began speed texting.

I actually used one of them.

But one of them was just so naive and cute, I had to tease her about it.

Turns out she was serious and began speed texting me her argument.

Here it is.

“I wonder if men realize that women want more sex than they do, but don’t know how to ask for it.”

OMG! That is just too cute and funny as it gets.

Mainly because it is so far from being true, it borders on mythical.

Argue this all you want, you are still wrong and ignorant.

You have to be a man to understand it.

Here is the basic difference.

Women want sex.

On the Titanic, with Leonardo Di Caprio (Loaded with Viagra) in the perfect setting, with an award winning soundtrack, and then several days of chocolate and snuggling.

There is a basic desire there. but it has only a tenuous hold in reality.

Men want to have as much sex as humanly possible.

And while they are waiting to recharge and have sex again?

They would like the woman to masturbate in front of them until they are ready to go.

Eventually, their heart will give out.

A lot like that experiment where they teach the rat to push the lever and get a food pellet?

With unlimited food pellets, the rats pushed the lever until they ate themselves to death.

Yeah, thats about how it is.

So, it is actually a good thing that women don’t have that kind of drive.

Otherwise, all the men of the world would be dead.

Once the angry lesbians are done cheering, I will continue.

I can wait.

All day long if I have to.

In the beginning of a relationship, women can match you, mano a mano, with the libido.

But it can’t be sustained without testosterone.

I had a co worker tell me once that she wishes she had a set of balls, she would do things differently.

No you wouldn’t.

Be happy that you think you would and then let it go.

There was a supposed Army General who was speaking to the graduating class of a military school who said the following:

“Men see it this way – WOMEN love SEX.”

“Women see it this way – WOMEN LOVE sex.”

The capitals in those sentences are significant, by the way.

It sounds like a bullshit story, but it does make an excellent point.

Women want love, affection and fulfillment.

Men want penetration and breasts. (Some guys are ass-men, but you get the point.)

Most men will tell you the same.

Just make sure that a guy is the one asking.

Because, if its a woman asking, he will tell her whatever he thinks she wants to hear.

Because he might be able to nail her.



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2 responses to “MEN love SEX, WOMEN LOVE sex.

  1. The Speed Texter

    June 14, 2012 at 7:02 am

    Apparently you don’t read your texts. Either that or you read between the lines. Women want cold hard fast pull my hair sex. We want you to call us names and give a little spank here and there. What pat of my speed texting gave you the impression we want to be in the Titanic?? Other than maybe men could learn a few things about GOING DOWN like the Titanic did. See-like a typical man – you got the subject but wouldn’t let me finish telling you the contents.

    • Bittermac

      June 14, 2012 at 7:30 am

      You rose to that like a brook trout. Fishing is all about the bait. My mother chewed me out about that one as well.


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