A hairy ass is never pretty.

11 Jun

Being a hairy man these days is a bitch.

There seems to be an emphasis on manscaping in the media and on tv.

I would manscape, but that is just too much work for one man.

I would need a team of dedicated professionals, working around the clock to reign it all in.

Kind of like a small yeti.

All of this body hair thought has been brought on by a strange and not too

funny comment I heard in line at a Starbucks.

2 guys behind me, mid 20’s from the looks of it.

One guy was asking his buddy what he thought of the full beard he was growing.

“It looks like a crotch from an 80’s porn film.”

As far as shock lines go, this was rather mild, especially when it comes from a pair of 20 something guys.

But, like most things, it got me thinking.

Those 80’s porn stars were a hairy bunch, men and women.

The women were stunning, but, with few exceptions, the pubic hair was almost excessive.

Some had pubs running halfway up their back.

That line is gross, but don’t shoot the foul-mouthed messenger.

It is what it is.

And the guys had crotch, pits, chest and back hair.

Serious yeti shit..

Not now days.

Not that I watch porn, but I have heard that you would be hard pressed to find much body hair on a porn star these days.

Surgery has altered their bodies to actually look like Barbi, and the removal of all body hair completes the plastic look.

But, can you blame them?

You have to change the look of the body, because there really isn’t anything being done in a porn film these days that hasn’t been done before.

With the possible exception of the porn coming out of Japan.

Don’t google the phrase “freaky japanese porn”, trust me on this one.

Good Lord.

Getting back to the whole manscaping thing.

Doing it to the extreme is a bad thing, mainly because trying to change yourself  into what you think others want you to be is kind of like chasing rainbows.

Lots of effort for an unreachable goal.

And yet, just blowing it off and going au natural is not the smart move either.

Trust me here.

The out of control ass and back is not pleasant for anyone.

Not a pretty sight

To boil it down to a simple set of rules,

Shave your ass if you absolutely have to, but keep in mind that Barbi is made out of plastic.



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