Dante’s Inferno and the Council

08 Jun

Inferno is the first part of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem.

It was, among other things, a description of hell.

Whether or not its accurate, it got him in Dutch with the Church and he died an outcast.

Why do we care?

Because I think I am in one of the circles of hell he described.

Actually, its just being in the Coffee Bean for the second day in a row.

Its like deciding to go to Siberia or to be repeatedly waterboarded.

Its not as crowded today as it was yesterday and there are empty seats.

I am assuming that a half dozen of yesterday’s aged customers passed away overnight.

I say a little prayer for them as I wait for the overly cheerful cashier to pour my coffee.

The last place I want to be sitting is in the corner, the so called “Nose taster” seat.

All odors, good and bad, flow into that corner.

I finally settle into a single seat on the side of two larger tables that just opened up.

The moment I get settled, a large group of women come thru the door.

And they do not belong here.

First off, they are dressed entirely too nice for the Coffee Bean.

A hospital gown with paper slippers would not be out of place here.

But high end fur, leather and Gucci don’t fit here.

A trio of the group, lets call them the Council, rush over to secure the two tables.

I am glared at by the trio, possibly for wearing a hoodie.

Once the entire Council has secured java and gotten their pastry on, they bring the meeting to order.

From rudely listening in, I pick up the following:

  • This is actually a “Ladies Committee” associated with the Manhattan Beach Country Club.
  • Due to renovations, their conference room at the Country Club is not available, and it is a HUGE inconvenience.
  • All of these women have known each other for years, yet they felt the need to take roll.
  • If you snicker at anything going on, the entire Council will stop and glare at you.
  • Prior to discussing any actual Council business, there has to be a discussion about who to contact that could not be at the meeting.
  • Some discussion went on concerning their ailments, addictions and conditions.
  • Someone named Betty should not be contact, as she fell off the wagon the day before and called someone named Emily on the telephone and shouted obscenities at her.
  • In a solid hour and 15 minutes, no actual business was discussed, as near as I could figure.

Try as I may, I could not discern anything that the Council actually did.

Other than gossip and glare at me.

I wonder what they do when I am not here?

I take my overpriced Papua New Guinea swill and head down the road.

I witnessed something out of the ordinary today.

People rich enough to be absolutely useless to the world.

And yet, completely convinced that they are really performing an important task.

The only bright spot in all of this is the one out of three shot that the Papua New Guinea roast will give us all the shits.

I would be willing to suffer thru that if it meant punishing them as well.

God, I am so petty at times.

Have a great day.



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