Small dreams of stupid people.

05 Jun

Its not often you seen a girl with Down’s Syndrome chain smoking.

Its one of those things that makes you stop and stare.

I hate to be cruel, but the stupidity of it was stunning, even for someone mentally challenged.

I realize I am in Downtown Portland.

Not a lot of old school common sense going on here.

I don’t get to Portland as often as I should, my kids living here is the why of that.

But when I do, I always get a few eyefulls of stupid memories to take home with me, like psychological souvineers.

They stay with you and often make you question why you were there.

The car rental company, in its infinite wisdom, decided to give me a Kia Rio.


To call this car shit would be impossible, unless you paid good money to rent the shit, and then spent two days sitting in it and driving it around town.

There was a guy sitting on the ground outside the parking garage.

This is not as risky a move in Portland as it is in Los Angeles.

In LA, that ground is filthy and covered with trash.

In Portland, it rains too often for dirt to accumulate and the trash gets washed away.

Add to that the fact that everything is green from all that rain and you have a kind of a fresh and clean “Begger rich” environment.

And right in front of the parking garage that is planning on absolutely raping me over parking fees, is a homeless guy.

And, usually, I have a soft spot for the homeless, but this asshole is somethning else.

Mainly, he’s just young, and lazy.

Picture an 18 year old with a full beard, reeking of pot and BO, with a sign that say’s “I just want a cold beer.”

Welcome to Post Occupy.

I would make a Dumb and Dumber reference, but I hesitate to use only one descriptive term.

Moving along.

I know I should be more understanding, but I learned a long time ago that you don’t value things you didn’t work for.

My parents never told me that, but they showed me.

Gotta wonder where that little shitheads parents went wrong?

I keep trying to get off of my soap box here, but I just keep stepping onto another soap box.

Must be something important.

So be it.

There is a life lesson in here somewhere.

Its like equal parts work hard, stay sober and GET A GODDAM JOB, and life will work out a lot better.

Envy is a bitch.

So is sloth, gluttony and a most of the rest of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Or Cardinal Vices, as called by the church.

But I am a firm believer that Lust and Greed should not be on that list.

But 5 deadly sins doesn’t pack the punch that 7 does.

Lust and Greed are mentally healthy.

That might just be the whole problem with the Occupy movement as a whole.

The idea of self acheivement is under attack.

Lust and greed are descriptions, the desires of acheivements.

To be crude, getting laid and getting paid.

If you sit on your ass and don’t acheive for yourself, you can’t help but look in envy at those who have.

Its human nature.

And humans are violent by nature.

Maybe its a questiion of perspective.

All this kid wants is a cold beer because maybe thats as big as his dreams go.

If he had kept his shit in line in school, gotten a scholorship or a butt load of student loans, gotten the high powered degree and become one of the people his is pissing and moaning about right now.

And his dreams would be bigger.

His sign would be a marketing department, sitting firmly on the ground of the internet and prime time television.

And it would be a pitch that you would buy.

And someone would be protesting him.

Somebody with little dreams that only wants a cold beer.

And I am not giving that asshole a quarter either.

I got my own dreams to get to.



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