This is how Zombie Holocausts begin. Just saying.

30 May

The zombie holocaust has begun.

More on that in a second.

There was a website that advises bloggers, and some of their stuff is pretty insightful.

And one of the best pieces of advice that they give is to write “Timeless” content.

In other words, someone could read that particular blog a year from now and there is it will still be fresh, its not tied to anything in the media.

But today, I can’t do that.

Something so, well, upsetting has come up, I can’t NOT mention it.

Your first instinct will be to dismiss it as bullshit and an attempt at comedy.

Not so.

Here it is.

The zombie holocaust is upon us.

Happened in Florida, pinky swear.

This story is so wacked and just plain out there, it boggles the mind.

Miami 911 got a call of 2 men fighting on a causeway off ramp.

When they got there, they found two naked men, of course they were naked, one unconscious and the other one was chewing on a piece of the other guy’s face, and they ended up shooting him.

I will give you a moment to absorb that one.

Google is scant on details, but the important ones are there.

Naked, flesh eating, shot to death.

Enough said.

The first thought that went thru my head was, what kind of drug would put you in that place, mentally?

After a quick consult with the drug and alcohol counselor in the family nailed it as PCP.

PCP evidently almost always has the naked violence component.

At least you hope.

What if its something else?

Like, oh I don’t know, Zombie Holocaust maybe?

I have read several fiction novels on the subject, most sucked, but one was really good, and they all kind of start this way.

The critical period is over the next few days.

If the dead guy bites anyone else, shit yourself quickly, then begin hording canned good and ammo.

Head shots, don’t forget.

However, in the event that this turns out to be just a case of PCP binging and an argument gone vile, take it as a cautionary tale.

Look, I am not here to tell you how to live, not my job.

But if your personal vice is a drug that has this kind of horror film potential, even if it hasn’t taken you down that road, do us a favor and take a pass.

Say nope to dope of whatever you have to do, but stay off the Sherms, or Hog, to give you a few street nicknames.

Gives me street cred.

Actually it doesn’t.

Even at that stupidest points of my life, I never hit a point that PCP sounded tastey.

Because if the naked cannibal urge only hits one in a million PCP users?

I get the feeling that I would win that lottery.

And that would be no fun.

I think that McGruff the Police logo Crime Dog should update his slogan.

“Say nope to dope and ugh to drugs and FUCK NO to PCP and cannibalism.”

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