You embarrassing clown.

29 May

Ok, now I’m pissed.

This goes beyond that whole “My teeth itch” type feeling.

Back story.

I celebrate Memorial day.

Not the way that Coors or Budwiser wants me to, but the actual reason for the holiday.

I have Fallen Heroes in my family.

Not just the ones that served and then died at home, but also some that died in a war.

And I am proud to come from people like them.

So when you hear that someone shits on the day, it pisses me off.

Mainly because they don’t get it.

There is a piece of shit on MSNBC named Chris Hayes that stated that he is “Uncomfortable” calling deceased veterans “Heroes”.

First off, fuck you.

And that is without considering anything about you or your politics, just to set the stage.

Its not like anyone watches MSNBC, but when one of their people shits himself publicly, other news shows, ones that people watch, pick it up and spread it.

Like the flu.

Chris said that he feels that if he calls them heroes, it might encourage war.

What a dilemma.

And yet, while I don’t agree with it, I can see how he got there.

He comes from the generation who dedicated their lives to themselves.

Chris is uncomfortable with calling anyone else a hero because Chris doesn’t believe in anything other than Chris.

And if you have never believed in something bigger than yourself, how can you believe in something complex like Valor?

You can’t.

Whats sad is, he will probably be fired.

The liberal media spends a shocking amount of time shitting on the things that this country stands for.

But they scurry around like shocked roaches when one of their brethren is called on what he says.

And then they disavow and do spin control.

This is a country founded on the principal that you are free to say what you want.

But it makes it hard to conceive of living in a country that you obviously have no respect for.

It would be like being married to someone you publicly thought of as a whore.

The long term is rough.

In retrospect, I do hope they fire him.

Actually, I hope he takes his pink slip and goes out to get drunk and get rolled, raped and tattooed on the ass by bikers.

It sounds like the epitomy of red-neckedness to say, but if you don’t like this country, get out.


As a favor to the rest of us who love and revere those who gave their all, regaurdless of their political leanings, in defense of an ideal.

Called America.

(And I truly meant it about the bikers, Chris. You spineless piece of shit.)



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