Talk like a hoe? Act like a Hoe? You’s a hoe.

11 May

Poor speaking habits might be one of the harbingers of the apocalypse.


A common bitching complaint of every young generation is that they are not taken seriously by the older generation.

Well, now I am part of that older generation, and I feel like I have a boil on my ass.

The annoyance level is that high.

And I am not in some low end neighborhood.

This is Manhattan Beach for piss sake!

There is more than a few 1%’s living nearby.

And the 99% that make up the rest are not doing so bad either.

So, if you’ve got the time, explain to me how a young twenty-something girl, wearing expensive clothes from the look of it, and a Mercedes fob on her keychain, speaks like she grew up in the projects, raised by a deaf parent who had suffered a stroke AND had a speech impediment.

And, I am firmly convinced that if you removed the words/sort of words “Like, Um, Uh, Y’know and Shya(?)”, she might not be making a sound.

I don’t think she is an idiot, but I am confused as to why she wants to come across as one.

Who knows, she may be an old school moron?

Like a modern day Forrest Gump with lady parts and a better haircut.

I would really like to blame this on hip hop, I really would, but she doesn’t even appear to be going for the ghetto vibe here, just the ignorant one.

More of a trailer park girl.

And this isn’t just me.

There is a trio of MMF’s at the table behind her that are disenchanted as well.

For those that don’t know, an MMF is a Manhattan Money Frau.

These are well monied late mothers, mid 40’s, with toddlers that they have no time for.

Normally, this is a demographic that I have little patience for.

However, we are in lock step like the Germans on this.

Learn how to speak well, little girl.

And this is probably the same type that will bitch about there being no opportunities in the job market.

The job “Market” is just that.

A market.

People buy things at the market, but they don’t have to, not if they see no value in what you offer.

And we’re not talking about sex here. (Depends on the industry, actually. Real estate…etc)

We are talking about something that is harder to shape than your bustline or your ass by constant gym workouts.

We’re talking about job skills.

And you can only earn those in school or on the job.




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