Attacked by the senior ninjas.

10 May

My Starbucks is full of old people.

How did I not notice this?

I realize I can get lost in typing away at my laptop, but damn!

Its like Coffee Bean organized a field trip.

Maybe, as a bottom line cost cutting measure, Starbucks now offers Lattes and senior care.


Just out of morbid curiosity, I size up the line up.

One walker, three canes and one oxygen tank.

No little dogs, what the hell?

There is more than a little grumbling and arguing among themselves and with the cashier.

And then, like a herd, they migrate to the pick up counter.

For some, its an arduous journey.

Finally, they all get their drinks, the first one served waiting until the last one gets theirs.

And then, because there is no bank of seats together, they disperse like the wind.

There are two old curmudgeons next to me, bitching about life.

Don’t email me, I will not explain what curmudgeon means.

These guys are old, possibly built the pyramids, I can’t be sure.

And their main complaint is, well, everything.

Its like a whiny debate without rules or ritalin, angry and all over the place.

Here is a five minute sample of topics.

  • The Occupy movement is fueled by drugs. (Possibly)
  • Old guy #1’s grandson might be gay. (Not that theres anything wrong with that.)
  • Old guy #2’s grand daughter just produced a third grandchild. (A smack at Old Guy #1? Evidently good breeding stock.
  • Possibly german.)
  • The coffee both too hot and too expensive. (Would cheap coffee be ice cold?)
  • Young kids like to waste their time on their computers. (I believe this was aimed at me and may be true.)
  • Cars are all crap nowadays. (I agree)
  • Gay grandson just graduated law school. (Sorry, that trumps at least one grandchild, gay or not.)
  • Someone named Leonard passed away at 92, and Old Guy #2 can’t remember what he died of. (Duh, he was 92. When someone that age dies, there is no cause of death other than being 92.)
  • The Occupy movement has nothing on the hippy movement of the 60’s. (Which was fueled by drugs too, but may have smelled just as bad.)

I am ready to slit my wrists.

It would be a damned shame if one or both of these old coots just keeled over in their java.

That is not a nice thing to think or blog about, but I am starting to think it would make my morning something special.

I think it is more a case of them provoking evil in me than me being evil.

Either way it is a funny thought.

However, if it does happen, I will feel bad about it.

But they just won’t shut up.

The current subject is whether or not the current occupant of the White House wants to kill all senior citizens thru the use of so called “Death Committees.”

I was really not in favor of such things until now.

But I get it now.

Their crappy, too hot coffee is now being guzzled and appears to be delicious.

A few minutes later, they leave, chatting amiably about the sunny day.

They are happy and it will take the rest of the day for me to shake this.

My day is ruined, by the senior ninjas.

“A plague on both your houses!” (Shakespeare, always a nice touch.)

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