Hands off the “Lady bits”.

01 May

I am at a loss for words.

And, if you read this blog at all, know how wildly rare that is.

Every now and then, you see or hear about something that is just downright creepy-type weird.

I need to stop watching the Oprah channels on cable.

It causes more trouble than it cures.

But such is the nature of the Oprah.

There are two women discussing something that sounds absolutely filthy, but because women are the ones saying it, is completely clean.

If it were men, this would be porn.

Vaginal Rejuvenation.

I shit you not.

Here is the gist of a half hour of more or less paying attention to this show.

Evidently women who have raised their kids suddenly feel the desire to return their “Lady business” back to the original specs.

Good on you, girls. Go to it.

I am not against this sort of thing, and while its a really long story, I am not.


I Googled it and the before and after pics are chilling, to say the least.

I am really doing my best to make this clean but it is a challenge.

One of the before shots was of what men would call, the roast beef sandwich.

This is a woman, plain and simple.

The after pics are disturbing.

The vagina is that of a teenager, shaved even.

And the ladies out there are saying, its none of your business.

Men, that is.

I don’t want to be a prude, but this does include the men as well.

I mean, when you renovate the kids park, the kids care what the swings look like.

But that was not the worst part.

This was just the appetizer.

Now for the entre.

Labiaplasty is not all that new, but there is a current trend that blew me away.

The majority of the ladies putting their “Fluffy” under the knife, are requesting that the doctor, if you want to call him that, make “it” look bigger.

Oh my god.

There are so many things to say, where do I start.

The whole reason this sort of thing got started in the first place was that the ladies were tired of their “Salad” looking a bit saggy.

Now, they are having the doctor pump a little collagen into the “Labia Majora.” (The only proper medical term in this blog besides “Labiaplaty”)


And yet, intriguing.

It kind of makes you wonder what would happen it guys went down that road, with the same type of twist.

Say they begin doing “Nut sack o-plasty.”

Tightening up the boys so they look better.

Putting party hats on the boys, as it were.

And then, after Nutsackoplasty becomes common place, men will begin having their sack lowered.

Do you see where we’ve gone here?

And nobody wants that.

So ladies?

It is now up to you.

Leave your “Yum yum” as it is, and the men will not be joining the “Dangler Jones Society.”



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