Save the dog but kill the owner.

26 Apr

Selective killing is all the rage these days.

I have a friend on Facebook that continually has dog rescue pics and also happens to be pro death penalty and anti-abortion.

Take a minute and let that one soak in.

If I understood her correctly, and I know I will hear from her tomorrow, bright and early if I am wrong, it all seems to boil down to performance.

Make the wrong moves, you deserve to die.

She also believes that, no matter how evil a dog may be, it should be forgiven, sight unseen.

Also, she feels that dogs are too dumb too make any decisions.

(While I don’t agree with the dumb comment, I do wonder about the dogs making conscious decisions thing.)

Life has value only if you make the decisions in your life that she feels you should have.

In short, if she becomes dictator, watch your ass.

If you commit a crime, your life is worthless.


And yet, the first thought that comes to mind when I watch one of those death row shows, the first thing that comes to mind is what a bunch of worthless pieces of shit.

There is every chance that there are a few innocent men there, but I am ok with that as well.

There are those that say that, rather than put an innocent man to death, you should let all of them go free.

I am pretty happy that none of the people that believe that are in charge.

Yes, it sucks that someone might pay for the crime of someone else with their life.

But someone has to pay the fiddler.

As an animal, man has always had some sort of sacrifice, in one way or another.

And if you think we don’t have sacrifices nowadays, open your eyes.

Think about life like a living chess game, there are more pawns than anything else.

Lots of fodder for the cannon.

I will leave that one for you to figure out.

Back to Death Penalty girl.

While I, personally, have never heard of an infant going on a meth-induced killing spree, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t or will never happen.

I mean, kids today! You know?

I once posed the statement that, perhaps all of those dogs slated to die were slimy pedophiles in a previous life.

I said that I posed the “Statement” because it was not an opinion, I certainly didn’t believe it.

It was more a lure, like on a fishing line.

The people who bit that lure were interesting.

One of them told me that the line pissed her off and upset her, and that, yes, she knew I was only messing with her.

That impressed me, that a line can mess with you to the point that you know its bullshit, but it still trips you up.

I love that.

If writing this blog has taught me anything, its that there comes a point that you forget where the line came from and just ponder the line itself.

And for the record, I am in favor of non-killing dogs and babies, murdering death row inmates in their sleep, and of speaking your mind.

But you knew this already.



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