Death is a bitch.

23 Apr

I feel I am starring in a zombie film directed by George Romero

I am surrounded by death.

When I am sitting in a Starbucks, there is no better way to get my attention than to throw out a really obscure line.

“Everything is going to be so much better, now that Grandma is dead.”

As far as an obscure, shitty, cold, rotten-bitch line goes, this one is pretty strong.

The only saving grace, and that is assuming that saving graces can be found in this instance, is that at least the fact that she was “Grandma” might just mean this was not a life cut tragically short.

But that is a pretty big maybe.

However, my track record with maybes is better than most.

But this seems to be the season of death.

Let me explain.

A good friend of mine is dealing with an apparent suicide of their ex.

Normally, when the ex dies for whatever reason, you through a party.

But, there are children involved.

And that changes everything.

No matter how screwed up a path you travel in life, there is always a little hope in the back of your kids mind that you will one day get your shit together.

But the odds are never good on that one.

Another friend is dealing with the death anniversary of a dear friend.

That is never an easy one.

Pain and loss is pain and loss, no matter how you slice it.

You can put things off emotionally for a long time.

But eventually you gotta pay the fiddler.

And that line of thought has me remembering my own dead.

There sure is a lot of them.

Long story, but I was in the Funeral/Cemetery business for a number of years.

I once counted, and between work and my own massive immigrant Irish/Scottish family, I have been to over 100 funerals in my life.

That is kind of sad.

In the midst of life we are is death.

Some of us more than others.

Back to life being better now that Grandma is dead.

To be totally judgemental for a minute, this woman is a cold, money grubbing bitch.

Listening in, it seems that Grandma was a very well to do woman.

Evidently, Grandpa and her had built their little mini empire.

And the kids and grandkids?

Not so much.

The woman is detailing the millions that are going to Mom and Dad, and how much she, herself, will get.

But never once is there any mention of how thankful she is to Grandma, or how much she’ll miss her.

Not even the ritual “I would give anything to have her back”.

Even if she doesn’t mean it, she should still throw it out there, just for the sake of it.

“I knew going to Thanksgiving at her house all of those years would pay off.”

That one floored me.

What a bitch.

Grandma was probably thrilled to have the family over for the holidays.

But would she have been as thrilled if she knew that the meter was running?

I was kidding about the zombie film at the beginning of the blog, but I wish Grandma would dig her way out and come looking for her heirs.

Karma is a bitch, but that one is a little steep for anybody to pull off, short of the Almighty.

But this never the kind of game he would stoop to.

This is more the Devil’s area and flavor.

There is one bright spot, and this one is definitely the Almighty’s area of expertise.

The friend that is dealing with the anniversary of her loved one passing?

One of her best friends just gave birth on that day.

Life replacing death, that is kind of the way of things.

As opposed to death chasing life down the street with great special effects and a bumping soundtrack.

I hate zombie films though.




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2 responses to “Death is a bitch.

  1. Beach Mom

    April 24, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Reading this gave me chills and tears.

    • Bittermac

      April 30, 2012 at 11:46 am

      Never intend to make you cry.


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