The House of Blue Hair.

20 Mar

Its not often you can walk thru the front door of a business and lower the average age buy 30 years.

And no, I am not talking about Coffee Bean.

I am talking about the house of blue hair.

Also known as Norm’s.

Blue hair being the hair color of choice of the female customers.

This crowd makes the Golden Girls look like girls gone wild.

I am meeting my parents for breakfast.

And they lower the average age as well, despite both being over retirement age.

You keep your eyes open in a place like this because there is lots to see.

As we are waiting to be seated, I notice that one of the cooks tends to have a little palsy shake as he reads orders.


It takes a little longer to be seated than most places, the clientele is not moving fast, not for decades.

And you have to look, but you can make out the not one, but two defibrillators are stashed in the busboy station.

Gotta cater to your clientele.

And the Trifecta is in full effect.

The Trifecta, for those who don’t know, is when someone has the blue hair, the oxygen tank and their little dog at the table.

It happens at the Coffee Bean all the time, but I have never seen it at a sit down eating establishment.

An old couple we seated ahead of us, rocking the Trifecta, and I got an eyeful of how they get the dog in without anyone saying anything.

As the couple sat down, the old man put a $5 bill on the table.

The waitress walked up, took the $5 and pocketed it, then took their beverage order.


I am willing to bet that the health department gives them a pass as long as the kitchen is clean.

Plus, the little dog never leaves the bag they have it in.

The coffee is good, that is something that I have in common with the older generation.

I will sip coffee all day long, much like a drunk hanging out at a bar.

The menu again, caters to a select clientele.

Salt free, sugar free and other delicate diet offerings are all there.

Along with specials and low prices.

The waitress is a product of a bygone era.

This is not the A team of wait staff.

Norm’s is where a waitress ends her career, not starts it.

That is another reason the service is a little slow.

Its because the service literally is slow.

But, the customers, with the exception of me, is not in a hurry.

Maybe the “Bygone era” comment is closer to the money than I first thought.

And there really isn’t anything wrong with taking a slower pace.

I am in the constant hurry that the Internet forces upon us.

Like brainwashing.

And thats not necessarily a good thing.

Breakfast was good, the coffee was excellent, and the busboy didn’t have to use the defibrillator on anyone.

But if he did, I would have tipped more.



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