In praise of older women.

09 Mar

There is an odd thing going on out there.

Young guys are hitting on older women.

And no, this is not the plot of a porn film.

I have a few of the girls I know that have offered the following stories.

Odd story number one:

This girl lives alone.

And even a blind eunuch would call her hot.

And she has a habit of gardening in short shorts.

Again, not a porn film, but you can see where this is going.

And who should live next store?

The horny mid teens boy.

Almost like he was sent out by central casting.

To hear her describe the tale, the boy has taken a shine to her.

And can you blame him?

He began ogling and such, staring at her thru a hole in the fence.

We will not speculate at this time what was going on on the other side of the fence.

We don’t really want to know, do we?

Just don’t shine a black light on the other side of the fence.

When his parents were informed of his somewhat crass and stalker-like behavior, what was their response?

Look at how she’s dressed.

Didn’t the cops used to say that about rape victims in the 60’s?

Story number 2:

Married with almost adult kids.

Hot as well. (Starting to see a trend here?)

While hubby is out of town on business, a youngster (19 or so) who grew up with her kids sent a message on FB.

Wouldn’t it be great if they went to the drive in, wearing PJ’s and just realaxed and had fun?

He could even give her a back rub.

Are you shitting me?

That punk stole my move.

From 1986.

I’m not saying it worked, but it WAS my move.

And yet, you really can’t blame the boys.

Older women are hotter nowadays.

Hotter than I remember late 30’s early 40’s being when I was 20.

So, what was once hot, is even more enticing.

Plus, the media doesn’t help.

There are nothing but movies about horny older women looking to “educate” that younger man.

And the Cougar and Milf genres of the porn world are the biggest there are.

Just below the Barely Legal category.

Some of the mainstream films were damned good.

From the Graduate to In Praise of Older Women, to the mere existence of Ursula Andress.

(Its a wonder I didn’t rip it out by the root when I was 13.)

To your more modern films and half the porn industry.

So basically, these boys are almost brain washed into believing that older women are just waiting to “further” their education.

Which, during that age of late teens and early 20’s, the hormones are brutal and can cause the boys to make fools of themselves.

And they only piece of the puzzle needed is that the ladies need to recognize their role in all of this.

But there is only one problem with that theory.

Nobody asked the girl’s how they felt about this.



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