Hockey and the General.

29 Feb

There is a new homeless in town.

The general.

I walked down to Starbucks and passed a new face, sitting on the corner.

The outfit is an interesting mix of cast offs and durable stuff all designed to make the chilly beach nights warmer.

Topped with a Viet Nam vets hat.

I think I am in love.

I have a soft spot in my heart for veterans, homeless, puppies and drunk blondes at 2am. (You all know who you are.)

“Good morning, sir!” Introductions are always important with the homeless. otherwise, they spend too much time trying to figure out if they know you or if you are from a church.

He is friendly enough and in short order, we are in line at Starbucks.

Everyone loves coffee and a scone in the morning.

And then, back outside, the General doesn’t like being indoors.

Everyone has their quirks.

The general knows and tells enough stories about the military that I am fairly convinced he is a vet.

I walk him back to his corner and wish him a happy day and head off to work.

Feeling pretty good.

And yet, something the General said has come back to haunt me.

He claimed to have served in the Korean war with Eddie Shore.

There are two things wrong with this.

But first some background.

Eddie Shore is one of the greatest defense-men the NHL ever had.

Awesome player of what is known as Old-school Hockey.

Except that he was born in 1902.

And he’s Canadian.

I find it hard to believe that Eddie Shore served in the Korean War in his 50’s.

So if the General served in the Korean was, circa 1953, at the age of, say, 20, he would be in his 80’s now.

And while he shows that premature aged look most homeless do, the General is probably not a day over 50.

I am beginning to think he lied to me.

Say it ain’t so.

Hockey is a beast of a game.

I played a few seasons of roller hockey and sucked ass like nobodies business.

But its a lot more fun to watch.

It is the only official sport beside boxing and MMA that allows fighting.

And they are trying to eliminate that.


Humans are so violent by nature.

And yet we spend so much time denying that and trying to pretend we are not who we are.

The violent top of the food chain.

In the movie The Matrix, the computer controlled agent says that when he tried to define man, he came up with the definition of a virus.

Thats not far off.

Some people more than others.

And in a shitty moment, its a little fun to think of who is more virus like that others. (Again, you know who you are.)

But back to the subject.

Hockey might be one of the last sports that embodies all the the true human qualities.

Art is definitely there.

You may think that Art is not there, but I have seen better examples of art and poetry during a hockey game than in a museum on any given day.

And anyone who has seen a losing team come from behind understands the passion of the game.

And the physicality of the game is undeniable.

Plus the jerseys rock.

I will go out on a limb and say that Tiger Woods could not hold his own in a gloves off, stick down fight with any random member of the NHL.

And for sure not the IHL, those guys are almost criminals.

Insert your own “Tiger Woods got a pretty mouth” joke here.




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2 responses to “Hockey and the General.

  1. LaVicki

    March 5, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    First… Tiger couldn’t hold his own against a 7 iron and his wife.. but I still like him…

    Second, for the record.. I AM A BRUNET…. so I’m safe!

    • Bittermac

      March 7, 2012 at 7:50 am

      Are you sure your not a blonde? You miss spelled Brunette.


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