Run Forrest, run!

16 Feb

Some people are a little too monied and have too much time on their hands.

Its a beautiful Sunday in SoCal.

I am on a bike ride with the girlfriend, enjoying a late winter sunny day.

You get those in Southern California and the rest of the country hates us for it.

We bring the laptops for email and blogging.

Cause you never know when something will come up to blog about.

Such as now.

A major power brokering is going on in the patio of the Starbucks in Hermosa Beach.

I have no clue what the deal is, yet.

Three women showed up a few minutes ago and took over the patio.

We got some glares, but I don’t give up my seat to over monied house fraus.

Several laptops are set up, lattes are steaming.

And they wait.

In a few moments, two other women show up.

The deal is about to go down.

I have scooted my chair back as far as possible in an effort to find out whats up.

There is a spreadsheet with a schedule on one screen.

Google Earth is on another.

This is getting good.

I am wondering what the deal is.

Real Estate? A new business? Espionage?

It could be anything, really.

There is a low voiced discussion about timing, comfort levels and shared responsibilities.

And then, they drop the bomb.

This entire setup and planning, and negotiation, Google Earth for Christ’s sake, is not about business.

Its about picking up each others kids from school.


Are you kidding me?

Only in Hermosa Beach.

Well, maybe Manhattan Beach.

Or any of the overly monied neighborhoods of the world.

Whether you are wearing a burka or carrying a Gucci bag.

Stupid money is stupid money.


Or maybe this is what happens when you stop worrying about money and making ends meet?

You are just bored as hell and make a campaign out of anything you can to keep your sanity?

It can’t be because they are that stupid, can it?

Can you be dumb enough that something simple like, pick mine up on Tuesday/Thursday and I get yours the rest of the week?

It is if I can explain it in one sentence.

But how do stupid people attain that kind of wealth?

Let me rephrase that.

How did this stupid person’s smart significant other attain that kind of scratch?

Notice how I didn’t say “Stupid woman” or “Smart husband.”?

Its because I am unbiased.

Or chalk it up any way you like, these broads are still as dumb as a bag of rocks.

I hope I have not offended any bags of rocks.

And I don’t know these women enough to make that kind of call.

But, to quote Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

And that goes for picking up your kids from school.

Or writing a blog for that matter.

And I KNOW I have hit some absolute genius stupidity in the past.




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