Clones and Super Bowl

06 Feb

I made an accusation  a number of blogs back that Tom Brady might be the Antichrist.

Once again, I am not saying he is, I’m saying he might be.

But the Manning’s might be a more sinister plot.

Back in 1975, NFL quarterback Archie Manning participated in a top secret government project.

To clone top quarterbacks.

Manning 3.0, the third clone made, will be starting in the Super Bowl today.

Lots of bad portents going on today. I am not sure why I bet on Super Bowls

Despite the fact that I have a decadent Super Bowl party to go to, I can’t seem to shake a feeling of dread.

The wagering consists of two poster boards.

Grids, charts, and lots of empty spaces.

Within seconds I have put a 20 spot on a bunch of wagers I probably will never win.

I am not sure why I bet on the Super Bowls anyway.

It would just be easier to just hand a couple of bucks to everyone that walks thru the door.

Probably cheaper, too.

The food is a frightening thing to consider.

In a nation where everyone is concerned with their weight, Super Bowl Sunday seems to be one of those days that it just doesn’t count.

All bets are off.

For a party of 25 people, there were 2 large catering tables filled with food and 4 coolers filled with beer.

On an interesting note, the two teams playing in the Super Bowl are not the big favorites.

Of the 5 NFL jerseys at the party, none were of the Giants of the Patriots.

And then, 15 minutes into the game, and halfway thru my first bowl of chili Fritos, the power went out.

It seems that Southern California Edison has an issue in the area with something that looks like a hot water heater on top of a power pole one block away.

So the coverage of the Super Bowl was provided by Iphones.

And none of it live.

But nobody left.

It turns out a Super Bowl party without the Super Bowl is still a party.

We ate, we laughed, and for God’s sake we drank like fish.

I talked with some old friend’s and shamelessly hit on their wives.

Its important to have a hobby.

About a half hour after the power went out, we found an obscene piece of fruit.

This is the height of boredom.

And yet, that damned piece of fruit kept showing up in the hands of someone new, who figured out a new spin on an orange shaped like an ass.

And juvenile dick jokes rarely get old if you have been drinking.

In the end, a great time was had by all.

Piles of food were left to be thrown away.

Somewhere in the vicinity of 2 cases of beer were left.

And I came out of it $35 ahead.

I am sure I will hear from the IRS on that one.

On a closing note, Eli Manning was the Super Bowl MVP.

All I can think of is to say, I am glad the Manning clones are not assassins.

At least with football, the Manning clones are using their powers for good.

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