Like tramps are a bad thing.

25 Jan

Is it me or does everyone have a tramp stamp these days?

For those not in the know, a tramp stamp is a tattoo that, well, tramps have done in the small of their back.

But don’t act like tramp is a bad thing.

The tattoo looks great when you first get it.

For that matter, all tattoos look good when you first get them.

With the exception of a tattoo that a really good friend of mine got in his early twenties.

It was one he got right off of the poster on the wall of the tattoo shop.

Don’t ever do that.

It was the saddest white trash tattoo I have ever seen.

A skull with a joint clutched in its teeth.

And if your are reading this, buddy, I’m sorry.

But it is what it is.

A friend of mine showed me her tramp stamp, and even referred to it as a tramp stamp.

Good for you, now you are a tramp.

Which seems silly if you think about it.

I have another friend, recently divorced, who said she is “Careful who she is intimate with.”

That is a polite way of saying she tries not to sleep around.

Because she doesn’t want to be called a slut.


Slut is a word that catty high school girls call girls that are not stuck up and terrified of guys during what should be their sexually awakening years.

But, once you make it out of your twenties, that behavior means you are empowered and know what you want.

Either way, you are more fun and less drama now.

Back to tattoos.

They are a dicey thing.

If you get one, you had better have a decent story, otherwise the tattoo comes across as silly, unless it is a true work of art.

In that case, it cost a fortune and you have a story to go with the price tag anyway.

Unlike my tattoos.

I have two that I regret.

One was done by a guy who supposedly had just left a really high end tattoo parlor.

Between jobs and ready to cut a deal.

I am always up for that.

It wasn’t until he was half done that he fessed up that he had never done anything as complex as my tattoo, and that he had just been an assistant, not an artist at that high end shop.

Shit is still shit, even at a discount.

My second tattoo was after a long evening of drinking.

They say that no reputable shop would tattoo you if you are drunk, and that is complete bullshit.

As long as you can pull the cash from your pocket and pay the man, its on like Donkey Kong.

The tattoo is the logo of a beach clothing company.

I have ten friends with the same tattoo.

I don’t regret the tattoo as much as I do the lack of complexity of the tattoo itself.

But then, I think all tattoos are that way.

Given enough thought, you really wish you had done something different.

Come to think of it, a lot of life is like that.




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6 responses to “Like tramps are a bad thing.

  1. Rockstar

    January 25, 2012 at 8:53 am

    I considered a tramp stamp in college, woulda been early ’90, before they became popular. So glad I didn’t do it. Instead, got what I had wanted for ten years.

    I tell people to figure out what they want, exactly what they want, down to every detail of color & art, and then sit on it for five years. If you still want it after that, then do it!

    Too bad my soon to be ex didn’t listen. In the last few months, he has gotten a lot of really crappy tats, including the enormous phoenix on his back. Because, you know, he’s a phoenix & all…

    • Bittermac

      January 25, 2012 at 9:35 am

      Getting a bad tattoo is a lot like getting herpes. You have it for the rest of your life and both make it awkward when you start dating someone new and you have to explain it and hope it doesn’t ruin things.

    • LaVicki

      January 25, 2012 at 11:57 am

      I 100% agree with your advice!! I dreamt of my pin up girl.. woke up… put pin up girl on scale in google and BAM there is my tattoo… but with blonde hair… do it… you will see what I have on my body.. just custom made for my body – and my last tattoo on the back of my neck (it covers a hump I have at the top of my spine low neck from arthritis) is a piece of art I painted… my tattoo artist just copied off the canvass… its an eye… a very odd.. out of what eye.. but it is MY eye… I LOVE IT! But … you are correct… dream about it…. think about it… see it on your body prior to putting it there…..

      • Bittermac

        January 25, 2012 at 12:08 pm

        Thats all I’m asking for, some forethought.

  2. LaVicki

    January 25, 2012 at 11:49 am

    I have a tattoo… that I gave my self after loosing 100lbs… it is in the AREA of a tramp stamp…. however it doesnt go across but goes UP my spine about 8 or 9 inches…(is this me trying to talk myself out of me having a tramp stamp or am I telling you I have a tatoo up my spine starting about my pant line?) anyways…. she STILL to this day looks FAN fucking TASTIC! She is sexy…. she is a pin up girl bending over on a scale… my artist… who has done ALL of our ink work for 20 years… (I only have 3 and only ONE that can be seen IF I wear my hair in a pony tail and no collar) he made her hair to resemble mine,,, put a small mole above her right lip like me… and made her but a big larger… because when I was big I was KNOWN for my badunkadunk…. I have NEVER regretted this tattoo!!! Call me a tramp if you want… but at least call me a skinny hot one please!

    • Bittermac

      January 25, 2012 at 12:10 pm

      Its a Tramp Stamp, honey. But, Tramps by their very nature, are hot. An ephemeral force of nature. Like living flowers, coming into and out of bloom through out their lives. You ARE a Tramp, say it loud!


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