Rain, rain, go away…

23 Jan

It is a cold, wet day in Southern California.

Thats about as rare as a unicorn in in So Cal, so take it where you can get it.

Since we don’t get a lot of inclement weather here, it is interesting what kind of rain gear this brings out.

There is a woman in line for coffee at Starbucks in yellow, rubberized rain gear.

The teen age girl behind her is in a bikini top and daisy dukes.

Welcome to So Cal.

Anywhere else in the country, this is an issue.

I am not in favor of living anywhere that being dressed wrong, could cause your death from the elements.

Bikini top and daisy dukes in Chicago in the dead of winter?

Thats your ass.

Which is why I live where I do.

Southern California has a thing about sunshine.

Kind of like we make it here, and begrudge the rest of the nation their share of it.

I once heard a guy in Starbucks talking to a friend of his about record snow in Washington DC while it was mid 80’s here.

“They chose to move to the snow.”

Unless you are a skier, nobody chooses to move to the snow.

Especially in DC.

No one goes to DC for the weather.

Its like going to prison.

You just kind of end up there.

Like ending up at a Denny’s for a Grand Slam breakfast at 2:30am after a long night of drinking.

A shocking majority of people live in hideous parts of the country, mainly because they were born there and kind of HAVE to.

But almost the same numbers of people in Southern California because they WANT to.

See how that works?

The last time it rained here, the cashier in the supermarket asked me if it was still raining out.

When I said yes, she said, and I quote:

“Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.”

And this would have been “creepy super market lady” weird enough, but she added to it.

“Little Arthur wants to play.”


Rachet that creepy meter up one notch higher.

Is that line out of an early 80’s Who song or what?

I can totally understand some little kid singing this in preschool, it makes sense, how cute.

But, out of everything she could have committed to memory and taken away from her schooling, this was it?

It would be easy to smack at her for working as a cashier in a supermarket in her lates 50’s or so.

But in this economy, you do not smack at steady employment, its not where the Vegas money would bet.

Besides, I have made some of what I can only think of as wildly stupid career moves in my life, so I don’t have that kind of room to talk.

I can assure you, this blog is not being written from the corner office the firm gave me when I made partner.

I am in Starbucks and have an affinity for the homeless, draw your own conclusions.

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