Friday the 13th, run and hide.

13 Jan

“It’s dark in here, and we may die.”

That is how I feel about Friday the 13th.

An impending feeling of doom.

And it doesn’t matter if nothing bad happens.

Because I am WAITING for something to happen.

If I break my arm 2 weeks from now, it is just an accident.

But if I get a splinter on Friday the 13th, it was because the day is cursed.

There is a horror film franchise called “Friday the 13th.”

Every wonder why?

Because it would not shock you to find out that a mad killer decided to spree kill on that day.

Its a primal thing.

I saw the film’s title when it first came out.

Terror-wise, you had me at hello.

As a people, I think we enjoy having something to fear.

Its an odd social kink that everyone seems to be susceptible to.

Remember the day after 9/11?

We hadn’t been that close as a nation in decades.

But we united under the fear/outrage/anger directed at Al Qaida.

With that vile memory in mind, here is my plan for today.

  • Keep my head down. This was originally told to soldiers lest they be shot by the enemy. Solid advice even in peace time.
  • Be sarcastic and act like I am not terrified. Its a defense mechanism, what can I say?
  • Hope no one flies a plane into me. You would think this one was so out there that there would be no need to say anything. I just want to make sure that if it does happen, I at least said something.

And these are just the first three that come to mind.

Much like any plan, it changes the second the shit hits the fan.

And at that point, you can’t even buy a vowel.

So, you wing it.

Life is like that a lot.

When the plan you started out with fails, what the hell do you do then?

You make a new plan.

The simplicity of that escapes me sometimes.

When God gives you lemons…

Get a new God.

Blasphemous but quite possibly true.

Back to horror movies.

The Latin Word for “Horror” is Atrocitas, which means Hashness, cruelty, frightfulness, barbarity, horror.

Yep, that fits the film.

Its weird, but I feel like the friends I have that are heavily into the horror genre, are kind of damaged.

Like they have some sort of critical flaw that left them unable to feel alive unless they are thrilled.

Or terrified.

Just saying.

In the end, horror films are too popular to be just a few people watching them.

Like porn, the overwhelming majority deny they are into it.

But its a billion dollar industry.

So its not just a few people spending their rent money.

Its a whole lot of people spending their rent money.

Myself, no lie, I am not into horror.

As for the porn?

Mind your business.

I am too busy trying to find a plausable excuse not to go to work today.

Cause something bad will happen.



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2 responses to “Friday the 13th, run and hide.

  1. MR

    January 13, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Ok Will, I never thought of you as such a pussy. It’s just another day of the month that happens to fall on a Friday… big harry deal. We all can’t run and hide and think something bad is gonna happen cuz it happens to be Friday the 13th. I never took you as that kind of wimp. I guess we all can learn something new about the people we’ve know for many many years. Good luck today and let us know how the iphone purchase goes.

    • Bittermac

      January 13, 2012 at 1:41 pm

      Bite me. Say what you like, the fucking day is cursed. We are all gonna die. Not getting the Iphone. Settled on a knock off I ordered on Ebay that they make in Mumbai, India. Gonna be awesome. Screw Apple. Hope your Iphone renders you sterile.


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