Barnes and his buddy Noble.

12 Jan

Barnes & Noble is the friendliest rude store I have ever been in.

Its a literary time warp of a place.

There is actually a Starbucks in the Barns & Noble store.

But its not a real Starbucks.

I found this out by accident.

I am addicted to coffee, we have already covered this.

And, as far as addictions go, its a fairly mellow one.

My specific drug of choice is Starbucks Via Columbia.

For those who don’t know, Via is Starbucks instant coffee.

It doesn’t have that nasty, sucker nut-punch acidic bite of the Pike’s roast.

Weird, the instant beats the brewed.

Like a highly decaffeinated Pepsi Challenge.

Anyway, when you buy the Via 12 pack for $8.88 each cup breaks down to $.80 each.


And, this is the good part, Starbucks will give you all the hot water you need for your Via’s.

Drink all you want, we’ll make more.

However, the Starbucks in the Barnes & Noble does not subscribe to this policy.

They have no Venti (Large) coffee mugs, and will not give you a regular Venti cup for your Via.

Not unless you pay $2.

This is Barnes & Nobles official “I hate you unless you buy a book” policy.

The quality of customer service increases when you buy books.

Buy nothing and you become the red-headed step child of the retail world.

A hideous creature to be mistreated and shunned.

Ok then.

There is a reason I buy all my books on Amazon.

And thats not just the Kindle talking.

The Kindle is Amazon’s amazing ereader.

They just came out with a new one called the Kindle Fire.

It is an amazing color screen pad.

And it is truly amazing.

It surfs the net, reads books, plays games, movies and music.

And costs about 2.5 times less than an Ipad.

I have used the two, side by side.

The Kindle Fire has no camera or mic.

And I am not much for video chat.

Court adjourned.

Barnes & Noble have their own color pad called the Nook.

Don’t know much about it, but I assume its similar.

Ipad, your pretentious, holier than thou days are numbered.


The Ipad is the latest weapon in the Apple Evil Empire.

I say this as I plan to get an Iphone in 2 days.

I am willingly joining the Evil Empire.

The irony is killing me.

But, and I have seriously done the legwork on this one.

The Iphone rocks.

While I was in Barnes & Noble this evening, I read a magazine, cover to cover.

“100 Top Iphone Tips, Tricks & Hacks”

Unbelievable, I had no idea.

It is a little daunting.

But, either go big or go home.

I will become the Iphone expert.

Like a digital zen master.

Jobs would have wanted it that way.

Not often you use the phrase “Visionary” about someone and really mean it.

His death marked a sort of “High water mark” for personal technology.

The next big thing that Apple comes out with will probably be truly amazing.

But it will not have the mystique, the sparkle, the arrogant shine that it would have had if Job’s were the one announcing it.

Turtle neck and all.

I would follow you into digital hell, you magnificent bastard.

Is there an app for that?

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