The beginning of the Phone Cold War.

11 Jan

I made up my mind.

My phone sucks for various reasons.

Shit reception, crap battery…etc.

So I have made up my mind to go to one of the biggest cell companies, and buy an Iphone.

Sensing the end is near, my phone responded today by having 4 bars all day at my desk.

Just for perspective, the reception was X yesterday.

And the battery has 60% left and I have used the phone more than I ever have before.

It figures.

Now its just screwing with me.

But I am feeling confident about getting the Iphone.

Even with the whole “Becoming a slave of the evil Apple empire” and all.

But, and this is what is keeping me on track:

I have never heard anyone say “This Iphone sucks”.

The Iphone might be the antichrist.

I’m not saying it is, I’m just saying it might be.

But I would rather have the beast at the end of my leash, rather than futilely dragging the leash behind me with the cell phone digging in its heels.

It is what it is.

I have always dreaded the day that I would willingly become a contract slave to the cell companies.

But I can have my pride ord proper cell service.

And such is the whore like nature of my existence.

Plus, and I will never admit this out loud, I think the Iphone is kind of cool.

Jobs was the Antichrist, I am fairly certain of this.

He should be rising from the dead any day now.

Well, now that I have offended some of you, lets get to it.

Did Steve Jobs possess my phone from beyond the grave in order to get me to buy an Iphone?


Never saw that coming, did you?

I wrote it 5 minutes ago and I am still laughing.

Although, absurd as it sounds, it would be just like Job’s to figure out how to contact the world from the beyond, just to make sales.

The man was incredible.

Although, I think the HP exec who turned down buying the Apple 1 would make a better ghost.

Talk about having enough angst to haunt.

There is an air of snotty superiority among Apple owners that I have always found distasteful.

You didn’t make the Iphone folks, you just bought it.

But, we often buy things that are detrimental to us.

Like crack, for instance.

Speaking of Apple.

I would really rather not have to get the Iphone.

But my foray into the Android market has left me skittish.

What to do, what to do?

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Posted by on January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


One response to “The beginning of the Phone Cold War.

  1. LaVicki

    January 11, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    take the leaper brother! just “do it” as Nike would say!


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