New Years Resolutions.

03 Jan

New years resolutions are a lot like dating in your senior year of high school.

You are pretty high and mighty, and you make a lot of promises that you have no intention of keeping.

And don’t act like that was just me back then either.

Most people like to put every large hurdle they can think of on their list.

I think you should put a few ringers in there.

Ones that you can do without working up a sweat.

For instance, my first one is to make a list of New Years Resolutions.

Start the year on a good foot with one done right out of the gate.

But you have to avoid the ridiculously easy ones that, if you live thru the year, you get to check off.

Unless you live in, say, a war zone.

Then living thru the year is both hard as well, and somewhat in doubt.

Men, as a general rule, will make resolutions that revolve around money or objects.

And, yes, they consider women objects.

It is not unusual to find an item on a mid-twenties guy’s list.

I want to nail the goth cashier at Starbucks.”

Guys are like that.

Women’s lists are different.

It is kind of a rule that all women follow that one of their resolutions be something about losing weight.

Whatever works for you.

Weight loss is one of those unofficial National past times.

Like baseball, but with more denial.

Yes, I am talking directly to Dodger fans.

But are resolutions healthy for you?

It seems like the need to make a list of things you want, implies that you are dissatisfied with the things you have.

How do you get to the point that you can draw up a list of 10 things that you have up to now, more or less pooched in your life?

Are we this unfocussed as a people?

I have looked over my list and about 60% of it is to keep doing something I am doing now.

  • Keep writing this blog.
  • Compile the blogs into book format.
  • Keep writing other projects.
  • Stay employed.
  • Stay with that “Eating healthy and kind of work out thing”.
  • XXXXX Personal item that is none of your business XXXXX

Stuff like that.

But there is a serious 40% dedicated to the hope and change category.

(Insight here, hope and change when done by yourself, tend to happen. When someone else promises hope and change, they are usually trying to get elected.)

  • Going back to school.
  • Sky diving.
  • Trying out for the show “Wipe out.”
  • Be taller.

Go ahead and laugh about that last one if you like, but it is something I have wished for a lot time, so it stays.

Resolutions are a lot like pipe dreams.

To some people, a pipe dream is the unobtainable.

And to others, they view pipe dreams like a serious challenge and plan a whole set of steps to achieve it.

I think the ability to see it as achievable is what separates a lot of people from successful and not successful.

And some people do not deal with not successful well.

They usually blame someone else.

And then they start an Occupy group.

Try occupying the unemployment office.

Just saying.

How about we all just adopt one resolution this year?

Surely one resolution is possible?

We can even make it one word, just to make it simple for everybody.


Now that would create some hopeful change.

And not just be some cheesy politician’s pitch to dupe the rubes.

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