The Devil children.

26 Dec

Ok, twins little girls that speak at the same time, saying the same exact thing are just creepy as hell.

And their mother is making it worse, dressing them in identical outfits.

Its like some sort of horror story going on in my Starbucks.

Mom, being a Manhattan Beach mom, is on her cell phone.

Its almost like a rule.

I am fairly certain it is written into the home owners association rules, right below “Keep your lawn free of dogshit.”

“All home owners with children will talk/text at ALL TIMES when in public with your children.”

I would not be shocked if you showed me that in print tomorrow..

Another thing that may be in the rules, “It is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that children shall be ignored, until their misbehavior far exceeds societal norm. ONLY THEN will said parent get involved, following a strict ‘too little, too late’ standard.”

I am always more than a little disturbed by the parenting skills you see being practiced and passed on.

Much like a battered child psychologically looks for a batterer for a mate, I can only imagine that these little girls will be at home with their Barbies, without a ken doll around.

Because why would you need a significant other when you were born with one?

Does that make you unable to marry later in life?

See also, Olsen Twins.

On a side note, I can never tell if the Olsen Twins are strung out on heroin or just skinny and tired.

Or both.

Either way, they went from being cute little girls that amassed a serious fortune, to being hot for  about 30 seconds after their 18th birthday, to being a cautionary tale on the evils of child acting.

Sad really.

And yet, had they not been twins, you can’t help but think they might have gone that Lindsey Lohan route.

Talk about your cautionary tale.

The girl may be a hot mess, but she is at a point where if you heard she was the suspect in a mass murder, it would not shock you.

It finally hits me what the freaky factor is to these little twins.

The movie the Shining.

In a nutshell, Jack Nicholson plays a writer who takes a job as the off season caretaker of a hotel in the middle of nowhere. His wife and son are there. The son can see ghosts, Jack goes nuts and tries to kill everyone.

Here’s Johnny!

Anyway, a pair of little twin ghosts freaked me out when I saw the film.

And here we are, back in Starbucks with the twins.

Once I make this mental connection, I am a little more freaked out and I begin to think that maybe I am the only one that can see them.

Starbucks might be haunted.

I’m not saying it is, I’m saying it might be.

Am I the only one that picks up on this stuff?


I have to say I was more than a little relieved that Mom got her coffee and took her devil children and left.



But in all seriousness, My ass cheeks did not unclench for an hour.



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