Hey, mirror, I’m talking to you!

20 Dec

Ask not what your blog can do for you, ask what you can do for your blog!

Ich ben ein Bittermac.

Alright already, I know you are asking what the hell this has to do with anything?

Catchy line or do I have a point?

Good question, lets look into it.

After all this would not be the first time I started a blog with no clear idea of where I was going.

Been a rough day and I find myself in a reflective state.

Like the skin of a soap bubble, half a second before it pops.

In other words, this ain’t gonna last long.

So glean whatever secrets you can from it while you can.

Here is a basic truth.

Speak your mind.

You would think that, of all people, this is one I don’t need to think about.

Turns out I have the weird tendency to censer the things I shouldn’t while my mouth spews the shit I should be hiding from the world for fear of lynching.

Tough call sometimes.

Always a rough moment to suddenly realize you hurt someone you didn’t intend to.

And god knows I intend to at times.

I tend to cater to the asshole within.

And lets just say he is a greedy fuck at times.

But, on the blog or not, focus and clarity are sometimes hard to come by.

I feel more wisdom coming on like a case of the shits.

Know when to shut the hell up.

I can understand that one.

Doesn’t mean I can do it very well.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen that horrified look dawning on someone face as I seem to instinctively put their most feared or  embarrassed situation into words.

This can be both funny as hell and thoroughly regretful at the same time.

Heady stuff.

Might not be funny, but it is slightly cathartic.

Since its my blog, I will write what I like.

So be it.

There are times that I feel like an oblivious bull in a china shop.

Stomping around with no clue that the china is not thrilled by my presence.

And it is never my intention to break the china.

But the china does get broke.

Often times in an incredibly amusing manner.

Most funny things have an element of sadness to them.

Or cruel, depending on your point of view.

Like secretly being thrilled at the sound of the china crashing down,

Writing this blog always provides an interesting mix of opinions.

I get email from people who think a particular post sucked and heres why.

Also, email arrives from those who thought it was hysterical and heres why.

But the people change, never the same ones.

Get it together and be consistent, people.

There is a raw comedian named Doug Stanhope who said it best, So I will paraphrase.

Writing this blog is a lot like leading you into battle.

You’re not all going to be here when I’m thru.

I expect to gain and lose people as I go.

And I am good with that.

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