Is Black Friday racist?

28 Nov

Black Friday

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

I saw a black guy on the news that said it was racist.

Is it?

I don’t think its derogatory, I mean, its a day of outrageously good deals.

How can that be bad?

I think it kind of needs to get to a point where, collectively as a group, people quit bristling at the slightest hint of race.

And no, I am not saying that everyone needs to be good with a white supremest shrieking the word “Nigger” in the town square.

Just that kind of “Yeah, yeah, funny.” that a lot of groups have come to.

I am Irish, and damned proud of it. The alcoholic stereotype sometime bugs me when it gets thrown at me, usually around St. Patricks day, but, I have gotten to a point that I no longer throw empty shot glasses at whoever said it.

And thats progress.

I had meant to talk about Black Friday, and I am discussing my drinking problem, how does that happen?

People have been camping out in various places in anticipation of getting the best deals.

I thought I saw someone camped out in front of Bevmo, the alcohol warehouse, and I was wondering what could be such a great deal that you would camp out there?

Turns out it was just three homeless guys bedded down for the night and they happened to be in front of the store.

Ok then.

I saw on the news this morning that some lady in New York was in the Black Friday mob at a Walmart felt she was not getting to the area with the best deal fast enough.

So she broke out her pepper spray.

Cleared out the mob pretty damn quick.

Witnesses said she darted in, grabbed her stuff and fled.

Eventually, they shut it down, but not before, however, she got away.

So it worked.

Good idea for next year.

My kids are out of their infancy and I have never believed in huge gifts, so I can’t think of one thing on the planet that would make me camp out and shove my way thru the crowd.

Keep in mind that I love playing roller hockey and shoving a total stranger around for temporary possession of a plastic disk makes perfect sense to me.

I wonder if there are people who’s whole game on Black Friday is to show up late and gorilla their way in, shoving, elbowing, and brawl their way around the store and then leave, having bought nothing, but that was not their deal.

Full contact shopping.


(Note – Contact the UFC for a MMA/Black Friday crossover. Maybe pay per view)

That is a really stupid idea, but heres the cool part about stupid ideas.

You’re reading it, aren’t you?

To a certain extent, I own you, even if its just for the duration of reading this.


I got my hits in and I didn’t even have to go shopping.

Merry Christmas.



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2 responses to “Is Black Friday racist?

  1. Scooter

    December 15, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    It should be called African American Friday….besides Cyber Monday is offensive to cyber men (and they tend to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation)

    • Bittermac

      December 15, 2011 at 10:00 pm

      I was walking by the Coffee Bean the other day, and I heard one of the old guys on the patio use the phrase Afro-american. Old guys do not change.


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