Digital sweet nothings.

31 Oct

“You always have the right to be angry, but you never have the right to be cruel.”

Awww, that is just so fucking sweet.

Somebody sent me that on Facebook.

Where do I start?

First of all, cruel can be downright satisfying at times.

Keep you warm at night.

Besides, I know me, and if its enough to make me angry, the cruel is just a gimme at that point.

When I get stuff like this, I usually hold my breath and wait for an invite to go to a new church or asked out by another dude.

Its not that I am anit-religion, quite the contrary, I have an incredibly strong faith.

Its just nobodies business.

Back to the digital sweet nothings I keep getting.

If I can quit being a dick for 30 seconds, I think I appreciate the sentiment at least. I mean it was sent by an old friend.

But when it is kind of out of left field, for no reason. I mean, we didn’t just bury our favorite dog or something.

And, given my evil mind, I want to know what the issue is. Drugs, prison, abuse, illness, whatever it is, it points to recovery of some kind.

But Recovery can be good.

They don’t have some sort of 12 step program for being an asshole, I checked.

Its rude, but not a recognized condition.

Mores the pity.

And then it occurs to me that he thinks I am in need of recovery.


God knows I need something.

Anybody else think this sort of everyday thought process is healthy?

Its kind of like the unable to shut the hell up thing with me.

And yet, I am beginning to think that this sort of digital vomiting is somehow healthy.

And fun.

Mainly for me, but if this happens to make you snort your morning coffee out your nose, so be it.

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