Kick a ginger?

28 Sep

Some Gingers deserve the kicking.

That is a rude thing to say, right up until you see the kid I’m watching on tv.

Evidently, kick a ginger day came and went, no one said anything to me, and this kid got kicked by his classmates.

I started out watching the show being outraged about this poor kid, attacked by ruthless bullies.

And then this little shit started talking.

30 seconds later, I wanted to kick him.

I finally came to the conclusion that this kid’s classmates were looking for any excuse under the sun to launch a foot at his ass.

This is the kid who’s mother will call the school to explain why he cannot play at recess because he gets too excited. Like a vampire, being in the sunlight is not good for him.

Evidently, kick a ginger was made popular by an episode of South Park. (A rude little cartoon that I deny watching. Funny as hell.)

Is it right that someone should be singled out and messed with, even beaten up? Simply because they are different?


Bullies happen. Life can be cruel. Deny that and you deny that life exists. We all want to protect our kids from the things that can harm them.

But at what cost?

If someone smacked around the little ginger on the tv in the first grade, he might not have that “You can’t touch me” attitude that oozes from him with a lingering stench, like some sort of psychic shit on your foot.

This is the type of thing that will follow him thru life.

All thru high school and college, and then into the job market.

An arrogant, smarmy asshole that is an insufferable dick to be around.

All because he was never allowed to learn to handle life on his own.

I was never a big kid. I was never the ass kicker. I wanted to be, but I was not.

I got picked on. I learned that I needed to work the system to my advantage. I surrounded myself with ass kickers.

Good friends, some of them relatives. The wrong people to cross.

Ginger boy will become Ginger man with no real friends or a clue as to why.

I blame his parents.

Dr. Spock reading, never tell your child no, raising their kid in a vacuum devoid of common sense, yuppie vermin that raised their kid based on theories.

My great grandmother would beat the shit out of these people. Fine woman. Knew a lot of things.

She raised fine men.

I am not trying to rally support for letting bullies beat the shit out of those smaller than themselves. If you are getting that, pull your head out of your ass.

I am saying, let your kids grow up. Let them fall down, skin their knees, cry their eyes out. Get involved, be a parent, be fun but don’t be afraid to smack them on the ass if they get out of line.

All of that shit.

The people in our lives that we revere the most, grandma, grandpa, great grandma and such, they were all raised this way.

And Dr. Phil can kiss my ass.

Who raised that clown, anyway?

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