I just met a girl named Maria…..

23 Sep

I am sitting in the Starbucks at the mall, doing what I do.

Which is listen in. Rude as it gets.

You have to bear with me on this one, my Spanish is rusty as hell.

Luckily, the young couple next to me at the Galleria Starbucks is switching back and forth between English and Spanish.

I love West Side Story, so here is the story of Tony and Maria.

Tony is Latino and looks to be about 12. He has all the characteristics of a guy in his mid to late teens. Maria is a Latina who is carrying a few pounds and appears to be about 13 years old.

They have 2 kids together.

I wondered at first if I miss-heard that, but it was repeated, so it must be true.

Children having children. (From the look and mannerisms of Tony, dumb kids having kids

Also, it appears that Tony is several months behind on what sounds a lot like child support.

Maria has made several comments about her abwella, or something like that. (After checking with my chola barber, it was abuela, grandmother in spanish.)

She is mellowing, but started out really pissed at him. Tony, however, understands how to shut her down.

Not 5 minutes into the conversation, she is laughing and slapping playfully at his hand.


Not that I am against young love as a general thing, but this whole little scenario puts the vice on my butt something fierce.

What percentage of this generation is sitting in front of me?

How many more kids will Maria have with Tony before they get their lives together?

Or at least graduate high school.

Just kidding, I realize that they probably won’t graduate high school.

That is not necessarily a racial thing. I think everyone in their mid to late teens are complete morons, with few exceptions.

People in that age range should not be allowed to make any serious decisions for themselves.

But thats just me.

Although, maybe some of the tougher decisions in life should be made before you can acquire enough experience to chicken out.

The scary stuff.

Marriage, the military, Amway.

Of the three, I am in favor of marriage and the military.

But Amway is a fucking cult.

Lets get back to Tony and Maria before I get all the way up on my soap box.

The sad fact is, they are a small percentage of the other Tony and Maria’s out there, cranking out children like an assembly line.

I saw an article that stated that a lot of kids have kids because it allows them to do something important in their life.
As an esteem builder.

Kind of a self improvement thru reproduction.

I will laugh at that line for a few minutes and then I realize that there is a pretty good shot that I will be paying taxes to keep Maria and the kids in food and huggies for a good long time.

And I won’t even be invited to the family BBQs.




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6 responses to “I just met a girl named Maria…..

  1. Ed

    September 23, 2011 at 8:30 am

    Because of the fact that you and I are from the same hometown, this blog that you wrote today is hugely racially critical of what others lack, and not what they aspire to be. In a nutshell, your opinion is that of someone more worried about other peoples actions rather than your own. Equality in the real world knows no boundries. Equality in the Southern California hometown you know I am reffering to has bred some highly critical racism that seems to clog the minds of some unsuspecting individuals (You might want to check yourself). Abuela is a hispanic term, not latino as Abuelita is more used by latinos. It’s funny because growing up there, some non-white people had to hide their culture to be able to get by in society. Now I find that a good half the friends I grew up with were of mexican descent.
    Having seen many cultures around this great country, I know first hand that Native-Americans, Hispanic-Americans & Black Americans have been greatly overlooked not only as far as deserving credit for making this countryrun properly, but for setting the standard for showing what it takes to overcome adversity, hardship & poverty. Iv’e seen more people who have been born with silver spoons in their mouths end up without bowls to use them in, than people willing to utilize a tortilla.

    • admin

      September 23, 2011 at 8:50 am

      I hear what you are saying. It was more a commentary on the age and the trend of the times rather than a racial comment. Seems I hit a nerve. Not intentionally, but it is what it is. If you know me, you certainly know I was not raised with a “silver spoon” in my mouth. The knee jerk assumption that it is a racial criticism stops at the use of a word and ignores the rest of the blog. Not everything fits into the neat little box called racism. Don’t try to label it, just read it. If it pisses you off, sorry, but something different will be up tomorrow. Take care.

      • Ed

        September 23, 2011 at 10:01 am

        A trend of times or a trend of life? Every race reproduces in times of poverty. This especially true in young arians. This wasn’t a nerve issue, just pointing out that people don’t deserve to be singled out by others for their mannerisms in their early years.

      • admin

        September 23, 2011 at 10:41 am

        This was a commentary about youth, nothing more. And as for people not deserving to be singled out, when has the world ever cared about whats deserved?
        I was relating a scene in a mall. I mentioned they were Latino because they were. You never criticized any of my blogs about the evil couple. Why not? Because they are white? Don’t they deserve not to be singled out? Your logic seems to follow a racial line. Check yourself here. I haven’t favored anyone over anyone else. But I believe you have.

      • Ed

        September 23, 2011 at 12:24 pm

        I’m sorry I haven’t read any of the other blogs. I started with this one and I do apologize for commenting without getting a feel for your style of writing first. I was just busting your balls. I’m sure you enjoy what you do and I like that you stand firm in your writing.

      • admin

        September 23, 2011 at 12:39 pm

        No problem. May I recommend the Evil couple posts in the column to the right? Scroll to the bottom and read upwards. Some of my favorite blogs. I am opinionated, rude, sarcastic, and fair in a really odd way. I hope you like what you read. Feel free to comment any time.


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