What’s your pledge?

05 Sep

Jerry Lewis is the shit.

I have been watching him on the MS Labor Day Telethon since before cable tv. He is one of those Hollywood stars that you kind of blow off until they are dead, and then you feel this huge sense of loss.

Except that he is not dead, but I still feel that same sense of loss.

But he will not be hosting this year.

How the hell does that happen?

The press releases are saying that, due to waning popularity, the telethon is being scaled back. Online donation methods earn more.

Then do both. Do something. My childhood is being shit upon here.

I can remember watching Jerry Lewis embarrassing himself without shame (?) in black and white. As a teenager and an adult, I kind of blew off his comedy. It was always a little too silly, a little too over the top. As a child, he was incredible. You laughed from the beginning to the end of every film.

And maybe that is why he is revered in France like a genius.

Because he is a goddam genius.

He is a more innocent time in both our lives and our history.. A time before kids and mortgages and car payments, in some cases, before various addictions. He gives us back something we lost, or at least forgot about.

Our inner child. The one that used to believe in people. Year in and year out, Jerry asked us to clap our hands if you believe in fairies and we did.

He was one of the few people in the public eye that was all about something that was bigger than all of us, for no personal gain.

Don’t worry, I am not going mushy new age on you. I am going old school on you.

God Bless America kind of old school.

He embodies that kind of selfless, take one for the team, pull together kind of attitude that I always thought of as the American way, regardless of the punchline it has become.

Jerry Lewis should be hosting the telethon until he dies on camera, begging for pledges. It would be the biggest donation hour in the history of the telethon.

And Jerry would be smiling down from heaven at that point, and you know that his kind of selfless is going straight up.

Something the rest of us are iffy on.

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