You want fries with that?

02 Sep

Crap food is crap food.

However, when is crap food not?

Answer? When it has decent advertising.

I won’t name names due to the fact that this International fast food chain has a group of lawyers that make a pack of wild dogs look friendly.

Lets call this franchise of crap food Arches. (This is a name chosen totally at random, trust me. Any similarities to a fast food restaurant with arches is purely accidentally.)

But I have come to fear the greasy nastiness that the Arches churns out. It’s not often that you can eat something and almost immediately regret it like you can with food from the Arches.

And its the gift that keeps on giving.

Down a large combo meal and within the hour you will have the shits like someone is paying you to crap.

But they are busy from dawn to dusk, a line at all times. And it seems to have something to do with the crap being hot. Hot is the buzz word that they have built the empire on.

And it is mystifying how they can build something so huge just based on the premise of hot crap.

And cheap toys from china. Ones with a properly high lead content.

Ok, add that to the list. Hot crap and cheap Chinese toys. Evidently, you can rule the world with those two items.

As long as you have quantity.

There was a documentary that a guy who ate the Arches food for 30 days, breakfast, lunch,  and dinner. 1 month.

And it almost killed him.

On about day 20 his kidneys tried to shut down. The doctor said he was killing himself.

Death by fast food, but at least they come with monopoly pieces.

How did it get this bad? The Arches were not this bad when I was a kid. When I was little, it was awesome.

Now, it is just a grease pit.

Maybe my tolerance for grease has lessened as I get older. Maybe now that my kids are grown, I view or taste things differently. Your priorities do change as much as your life changes.

Life is like that. The older you get, the less tolerant you get towards things you don’t like.

And maybe thats how it should be. Someone has to hold the line on what is ok and what is greasy crap that will kill you.

And maybe it is a time of life thing. Maybe eating something that will kill you at 50 is perfectly ok to eat at 8.

Or maybe its just greasy crap.

But at least its hot, and look, theres a toy.

Damn, sucked in by the advertising.

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