Can you make a Ho into a Housewife?

15 Aug

Let me paint a picture for you, and then I have a question for you.

Lets say, for the sake of arguing, that there is a woman you work with. She is single, but living in sin with her boyfriend.

Enter the new man. He is single, he has some sort of legitimate reason to drop by the office. While there, he hits on her unmercifully. She doesn’t shut him down, in fact, she goes to lunch with him on occasion.

I’m not done. Add to this the fact that he has sent her flowers twice. At work. Twice. Not once, but twice. Just want to make sure you have that one. Also add to this the fact that she has mentioned that her boyfriend doesn’t know, because, quoting here, “He’s just a friend.”

Uh huh.

Are the flowers because he loves the way her shoes match the ceiling? (Give that one a minute, you’ll get it, its dirty.)

That, by the way, is not my question.

My question is this. I don’t want to know if they are sleeping together, I am trying to figure out how she keeps her dress wrinkle free after having sex all during lunch?

That might be a rhetorical question. However, somebody should answer it. I would, but I need more info. I tend to judge and form snap opinions on people based on all the things you are not supposed to. Sex, age, hair color, Nationality, where they grew up…etc.

For instance, and you knew this was coming, if she is a girl, blonde, under 25, grew up in Southern California, I would be willing to bet my life she is doing the dirty deed during her lunch hour. And not just missionary, but some serious venial sin stuff. That is sexist, age discriminating, and a whole lot of other stuff that basically boils down to it not being nice or things you say in polite company.

I have never really been all about the polite.

I am tired of the whole idea of being politically correct. I was married for a long time, trust me, I understand how it feels to hold your tongue. For years. With both hands.

I made the conscious decision awhile back to speak my mind. Besides, nothing makes a type A head snap around that the timely use of a descriptive obscenity. And if that gets their panties in a twist?

So be it.

Makes me sound horrible, don’t it?

Um…You may be right.

However, back to the question.

The outrage that some might have with a young girl deciding to have a lunch-time tryst, to me, is offset by the fact that, unless there is a ring on her finger, she is a free agent. If her boyfriend doesn’t notice that she comes home twice a week without her panties, bite marks on her thighs,  that is his oversight, her secret, and, other than for the sake of a heartless wager, or a personal entertainment, none of my business.

Unless I happen to be the guy biting her thighs.

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