Better late than never

21 Jul

Just as I was about to leave and head to work, my favorite angry couple came in.

I think I’ll hang out.

There is a new player on the field. They have a young girl that appears to be a niece?

The wife is the sweetest I have ever seen. She is laughing and batting at his arm like a teenager on her first date.

The first sign of trouble comes with the choice of seating. The husband found a table near the entry. She never likes that. I have noticed that she prefers being at the back of the room, in the dark, like most creatures of the night. However, she is not willing to rip him a new one in front of the niece.

And it would appear that the barrista has pooched her soy latte. In the past this has been recipe for her loudly declaring that he is a “retarded asshole.” Him being her husband.


I am being ripped off here. This is pitiful. Her stellar performances of the past are tainted based on this.

The niece goes to use the bathroom.

The bathroom door closes and the wife opens up on him. Her voice is carrying over the whole starbucks, asking if he “is trying to shit on her day? Is he Stupid? “ Even the cashier has stopped working and the whole place is now this really awkward vibed pocket of time.

The niece is back. All returns to normal.

I am redeemed.

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